Activity 0-0

  • The purpose of this task is to get you oriented with the operation and work flow of this class.

    • We will go through steps that will show you how to accomplish each day's activities and quizzes.

Activity 0-0

  • This assignment will be slightly different than most others.

    • A hybrid lecture activity.

    • For the majority of assignments you will be asked to edit the 'QuizX-X.ipynb' document directly and then 'push' this document to the GitHub repository.

      • If you do not know what 'pushing' a document is, that's okay. For now consider it a way to upload your progress on an assignment.
    • For this first activity you will follow along with the instructions throughout this document and once you have completed all the tasks, I will ask you to create a new file which you will then push to your repository.

  • If you have any questions over the course of this lecture, please post them to the 'Day 1 Lecture Questions' assignment on the Canvas course page.

Step 1: Download your repository

  • The initial step you need to take is to log on to the Canvas course page. There you will see a module which gives you the link to each day's course content. Open the link to Day 1 and connect your GitHub account.

Step 1: Download your repository

  • Next you will connect the repository to your own account. And accept the assignment.

Step 1: Download your repository

  • Now you will go to your new repository and hit clone or download and then Open GitHubDesktop to put this repository into the directory of your personal computer.

Step 2: Save it to your local directory

  • When you download the repository make sure you save it to a useful location you can easily access.

Step 3: Get running in Jupyter Lab

  • This part of the activity assumes that you installed Python and Jupyter Lab correctly. If you have, it should be very simple.

  • Open your Command Prompt and type in jupyter lab.

Step 2: Get running in Jupyter Lab

-JupyterLab will open on your default browser and from there you will navigate to the directory in which your repository is saved.

  • Important note: If you close the Command Prompt or JupyterLab browser, they are no longer in communication with each other and any progress you may have made will not be saved.


  • If this is your first time using GitHub and JupyterLab it was a lot to initiate yourself with, but now you've done it.

  • Now I want to show you how to properly use JupyterLab and Github to upload your assignments.

The rest of today's Lecture

  • Activity 0-1

    • A couple of small tasks to illustrate how you will be using JupyterLab and GitHub to turn in your assignments.
  • Lecture and Activity 1-1

    • Go over some Python Basics.